Ethylene Cracking Furnaces

Pyrolysis or steam cracking furnaces for use with gas, naphtha or HVGO
Within the ethylene plant, the pyrolysis or ethylene cracking furnaces are the key elements for the production of basic materials such as ethylene, propylene, butadiene for the plastics industry. Depending on usage and the required product distribution, Linde Pyrocrack technology can achieve optimum running times with high yields and high selectivity.

The base materials used are saturated hydrocarbons, mainly ethane, propane, butane, LNG, naphtha and gas oil. The conversion of saturated to unsaturated hydrocarbons takes place in cracking pipes at inlet temperatures of 500 – 680°C and outlet temperatures of 775 – 875°C in a pressure range of 1.5 – 5 bar. To increase the ethylene/propylene yield and to minimise coke formation through accidental crack reactions, this conversion takes place in the presence of water vapour.

The cracking furnaces are modified to customer requirements in accordance with the product distribution required.

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Plants completed
Total   over 280 new plants and
92 upgrades
1988 to 2003   88 new plants and
77 upgrades
(including 16 plants currently under construction)

Performance features
Ethylene production per furnace:   Max. to date: 180,000 t/yr
Propylene production per furnace:   Depending on cracking severity P/E between 0.5 and 0.7
Thermal efficiency:   up to 94 – 95%
< 100 mg/Nm³
without DeNOx catalyst
NOx emissions:   < 60 mg/Nm³ with DeNOx catalyst
Delivery time:   Min. 14 months
1988 to 2003   88 new plants and
77 upgrades
(including 16 plants currently under construction)

Plant features
Highly selective cracking coils

Pyrocrack 1-1

Pyrocrack 2-2

Pyrocrack 4-2

Transfer line exchanger (TLE):  

Shell tube type

Tube tube type(Linear)

Firing concepts:  

Pure bottom firing

Mixture of side and bottom burner

Pure side wall firing

Operation:   Automat. switchover from cracking to decoking operation

Cyclone in chimney

Cyclone next to furnace

Recirculation in fire box

Maintenance assistance:

Simple replacement of strazo coil by opening in end wall (barn door)

COT zone regulation


BASELL, Wesseling
DEA, Heide

Belgium   BASF, Antwerpen

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